Things I still have to do >.<

  1. Finish Test Subject Arena Minecraft PvP minigame
  2. Finish Test Subject Complete Minecraft Avdenture map
  3. Finish the map “[@]”
  4. Start making the map “Ender Oni”
  5. Finish the map “The Mirror Lied”
  6. Finish my WIP art of Frost Bite
  7. Upload more videos
  8. (Including crazy random ones)
  9. Upload a playthrough of SigCorp To The Moon Minisode
  10. Start uploading the Quintessence: The Blightened Venom series
  11. Uploads more To The Moon Explained videos
  12. Start making Nitrome explaination videos.
  13. Start that Yin Yang Comic
  14. Continue the Tiny Castle RPG maker remake

*sigh* Do really have to do all that? If you ‘re close to me and see this, please talk to me about this.

Sneak Peeks on the Test Subject Complete Minecraft Map – Part 1

Hello everybody who’s reading my blog. Today I’m showing you some teasers on my WIP Map for Minecraft.

Here’s one of the test chambers:


Here’s how a level would work. The player has to get to the Card Key (Gold bar), and then deposit it into the Food Pill container(Golden Apple) to reach the next level button.

(Click image to view the animation.)

Card Key

The player will be allowed to eat the Gold Apple.

There will be Orange Enzyme Cannons in the form of Fire Charges in Dispensers.

Enzyme Cannons