Cave Chaos 3D

I was a great fan of Cave Chaos, so I wanted to make a game of my own based off TinyCastleGuy’s creation mixed with mine.

I even made a page on but I won’t link it here or people will vandalize my hard work. I made a diagram on how things would work in the game, a map for the location, and even a story. But there’s one thing that I forgot…

I don’t know how to program.

(If you see this Klem, then I’m sorry…) I shouldn’t lose hope though. This game is definitely worth it. Maybe I can start It as a hobby when I’m in college, which is 5 years from now. I think I might also start my serious YouTube career in 2019 if I don’t get to do it now. So hey, if my fellow Nitromians forget me, I will never forget Cave Chaos 3D.