More Artwork Coming Soon!

Hey, it’s been a while. I’d like to tell you guys about the new artworks I’m about to upload. I already have one finished:

Yin Yang Nitrome

More art can be found here.

Sneak Peeks on the Test Subject Complete Minecraft Map – Part 2 – Enzymes

Here are some pictures of the creatures you will be fighting in the test cage.

Walking Orange Enzyme – Damages you on contact. The weakest orange enzyme in the game. It’s basically a zombie wearing dyed leather armor wearing an Orange Wool block in it’s head.



Shooting Orange Enzyme – Also know as Throwing orange enzymes. It doesn’t really come this early in the original story, but I needed a new challenge for the player. It’s a Skeleton  dressed up like the zombie earlier only that it’s a skeleton with a bow to shoot you with.


Tiny Orange Enzymes – A Baby Zombie, not the Villager Baby zombie, just a baby zombie dressed up just like the other mobs. The Baby Zombie is whole new creature that you’ve possibly never seen in Minecraft before. The mob is in the code but it remains unused. They’re faster than normal Orange Enzymes (and Zombies) and they are annoying for 2 reasons, their size makes them look weak but actually it doesn’t. The other one it that even though they look as if they’re 1 block tall, their collision box(or hit box, whatever you call it) is 2 blocks tall. So you easily get blocked while you’re trying to activate or hit something.