Hello my frosties! (I’ve always wanted to say that) it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, well before that previous post of course. But anyway I have some news to share to the people who are actually here reading this.

I have a Twitter account now. @frostyflytrap So if any of you are interested in that kind of thing, go follow me there.

And also for those who don’t know I also have a deviantArt account, though ti was like founded 9 months ago. Happy 0th birthday if you were conceived on Jun 30, 2014. Uhh, okay don’t think of it that way.


Are you here because of my Minecraft stuff? Well bad news, I’m a procrastinator (Shocking right?) and the maps I’ve made long ago are either cancelled or delayed. Don’t worry, my Test Subject Arena and The Witch’s House Minecraft maps aren’t canceled. maps like [@], Ender Oni, and The Mirror Lied maps are not in development currently so uh it’ll take some time for me to get to that.


And also here are some art you may have missed:

Yet another Ditto fan art! (I just love her...Not in the way you're thinking. No stop, get your head out of the gutter.)

Yet another Ditto fan art! (I just love her…Not in the way you’re thinking. No stop, get your head out of the gutter.)

Yin Yang remake! Such a great improvement from the last time I drew this.

Yin Yang remake! Such a great improvement from the last time I drew this.

See more art on my DeviantArt and on Twitter.


I have so many stories in my head that aren’t even written anywhere, so recently I’ve started to write on Google Docs in fear that they may never be told. So I have the following stories in development:

  • Speciesist – A series of stories about people who are abducted my giant aliens and are either sent into a certain place on their planet or more. The gist of the story is a secret. There will be blood.
  • Minecraft Story – The story of what happens in the future when Minecraft’s NPCs become sentient and don’t know that they’re in a video game.
  • Diamind – The story that I’ve treasured the most over the years and it like a diamond stuck in my mind. (Get it? Diamond Mind; Diamind?) It’s mainly about a future when some of humanity’s population have mutated for good or for worse. It isn’t a natural type of mutation, but mutation with a speed accelerated by the harmful chemicals large companies have been producing. In this era several creatures affected by this usually end up being born differently, or with special abilities or disadvantages. Mutants are prone to being discriminated because of people’s fear of the unknown, forcing the mutants to exist in secrecy not willing to risk their life.
  • Nitrome Towers Story – My own Nitrome fan fiction, and probably the biggest yet. It’s all about how all the Nitrome games are linked to each other through the Nitrome Must Die universe. The story retells what’s going on behind the facade and the secret to why Nitrome Towers is incredibly big.


Some of you may not know but I have another YouTube account specifically for non Nitrome stuff or games with potential sensitive content. Like Minecraft or horror related games. So if you’re interested in RGP Horror games like Ib, Mad Father, and The Witch’s House, then you might wanna subscribe to that channel just in case I upload something you may be interested. [Go to my other channel, FrostyRPGCraft] I rarely upload anything as you may know, so don;t worry about me cluttering up your subscription feed with junk.


Recently I’ve made a thing for a game I’m planning to make. I’m working on the art mostly and it’s called unDEAD Sisters. What’s it all about? Five undead friends do stuff together. I don’t know what, but I’m working on it.

Visit this wiki for more info: unDEAD Sister Wiki

So yeah I think that’s really all I wanna say so uh, seeya around.

(And no, the title of this post is not a ME!ME!ME! reference, that was unintentional.)

Best Sandbox Games Statistics

Here are the best and most popular sandbox, open world games that all involve modifying the environment.
Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Don’t Starve, and The Escapists (A recent game).

But which game is really the most popular and in what order? Well let’s see what the Google search charts say about that.


Okay, we all knew that Minecraft was gonna be on top, so let’s looks at a chart where Minecraft isn’t drowning everyone.


Well that’s better, let’s see. It seems that Terraria is still in the lead right after Minecraft. I can’t really relate since I can’t play Terraria.

And it looks like Starbound was a big hit when it first came out. But now it seems to be not that famous anymore.

Don’t Starve was a very artsy one, the most artistic one of them all I’d say. It was a pretty interesting game but I can’t play it anymore meaning I don’t know what it’s like in the current version.

The Escapists is a cool little prison simulator, it’s almost pretty realistic to the ones you see in movies, but the AI still is a bit wonky, but keep it up devs.

Ditto – Reflection

Ditto - Reflection

Another of my artworks of the game, Ditto. Inspect each detail carefully to learn its meaning.
Now here’s another of my artworks of the game, Ditto. Inspect each detail carefully to learn its meaning.  I put a lot of work into this one, the most challenging part is drawing the body. All parts of this image were made in a computer, no paper was used.

Image link here:

Cave Chaos 3D

I was a great fan of Cave Chaos, so I wanted to make a game of my own based off TinyCastleGuy’s creation mixed with mine.

I even made a page on but I won’t link it here or people will vandalize my hard work. I made a diagram on how things would work in the game, a map for the location, and even a story. But there’s one thing that I forgot…

I don’t know how to program.

(If you see this Klem, then I’m sorry…) I shouldn’t lose hope though. This game is definitely worth it. Maybe I can start It as a hobby when I’m in college, which is 5 years from now. I think I might also start my serious YouTube career in 2019 if I don’t get to do it now. So hey, if my fellow Nitromians forget me, I will never forget Cave Chaos 3D.

Things I still have to do >.<

  1. Finish Test Subject Arena Minecraft PvP minigame
  2. Finish Test Subject Complete Minecraft Avdenture map
  3. Finish the map “[@]”
  4. Start making the map “Ender Oni”
  5. Finish the map “The Mirror Lied”
  6. Finish my WIP art of Frost Bite
  7. Upload more videos
  8. (Including crazy random ones)
  9. Upload a playthrough of SigCorp To The Moon Minisode
  10. Start uploading the Quintessence: The Blightened Venom series
  11. Uploads more To The Moon Explained videos
  12. Start making Nitrome explaination videos.
  13. Start that Yin Yang Comic
  14. Continue the Tiny Castle RPG maker remake

*sigh* Do really have to do all that? If you ‘re close to me and see this, please talk to me about this.